How to Invent the Future? - Dr. Mike North 如何创造未来 “To me when I think about ideas, I look at where life is a little out of balance, and how we can correct that.” 我的灵感来源于发现生活中有些“不对劲儿”的地方,然后去想怎么能将它改善。
2016 SPEAKERS TECHNOLOGY Dr. Mike North - Skunkworks Daniel Zhang - Modular Architect and Community Storyteller ENTERTAINMENT Datuk Ramli Ibrahim - Dancer / Choreographer / Artistic Director / Chairman of Sutra Foundation Patricia Field - Fashion Icon Tan Yuan Yuan - Ballerina DESIGN Alfie Lin - Floral Installation Artist Magda Sayeg - Fiber Artist, Founder Yarn Art Movement Zhang Huan - Artist Chris Chang - Fashion Designer Zhang Lei - Material and Crafts Innovator SCIENCE Cesar Harada - Inventor, Environmentalist HUMANITY Gabor - Rural Explorer Ami Vitale - National Geographic Photographer Sun Li Tsuei - Theatre performance creator, Director and Performer Teacher of Chi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan Calvin Tsao - Architect, Principal and Co-Founder, Tsao & McKown Architects; Creative Director, Octave EDUCATION Wang Shu - Pritzker Prize-Winning Architect BUSINESS Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Roger King - Entrepreneur, Board Director, Professor of Familial Business, Finance and Governance David Nieh - Economist, Architect, Environmentalist, City Development CITY Ting Kelly - Burning Man, Fly Ranch Carson Linforth Bowley - Burning Man, Fly Ranch Gu Jian Ping - City's Tallest Building Master Planner Nina Bianchi - The Work Department and Detroit Future City
The Power of Flower - Alfie Lin 花朵的力量 - 凌宗湧 Beauty is a kind of connection, it orignates from true honest communication and trust between people, it can't be observed with eyes but lies in the real events that happen everyday around us. 美是一种关系,是人与人之间的真诚与信任,美不是用眼睛去看,而是存在于平常生活中真实发生的事情。 Chinese tradition crafts - Zhang Lei 中国传统工艺 - 张雷 The design comes from what we live. This beautiful life come from traditional craft and traditional material 设计来源于生活,而我们的生活源自这传统的手艺和材料。 Half the Truth - Ami Vitale 半数真理 "The world is a beautiful place and we need to celebrate the goodness… it’s everywhere.” 世界广大,善意居多,让我们多为美好的事情欢呼吧。 Cities should learn from villages - Wang Shu 让城市向乡村学习 - 王澍 Going back to the countryside, how to open a kind of architecture experiment which goes beyond the conflict between urban and countryside 返回乡村,如何开启一种超越城乡冲突的建筑实验
2016 演讲者 科技 Mike North博士 - 臭鼬工厂 张贤铭 - 模块建筑设计师、社区的叙述者 娱乐 Datuk Ramli Ibrahim - 舞蹈家/编舞/艺术总监/ Sutra基金会主席 Patricia Field – 时尚偶像 谭元元 - 芭蕾舞女演员 设计 凌宗湧 - 花艺大师 Magda Sayeg - 针织艺术家,针织涂鸦运动创始人 張洹 - 艺术家 张文轩 - 时尚设计师 张雷 - 材料及工艺创意家 科学 Cesar Harada - 发明家、环保人士 人文 Gabor - 乡野探索者 Ami Vitale - 国家地理摄影师 孙丽翠 - 舞台表演创作者,导演,表演艺术家,气功及 太极拳导师 曹慰祖 - Tsao & McKown建筑事务所主任建筑师及创办人 音昱Octave创意总监 教育 王澍 - 普利兹克奖获奖建筑师 商业 硅谷企业家 金乐琦 - 企业家,董事会主席,家族企业、金融及监管学教授 David Nieh -经济学家、建筑、环保家、城市发展 城市 Ting Kelly - 火人节 Carson Linforth Bowley - 火人节 顾建平 - 城市最高摩天楼筑梦者 Nina Bianchi - 底特律未来城市
Overseas Chinese and Jewish Diaspora - Dr. Roger King 外华裔与犹太裔 - 金乐琦博士 What are the similarities between overseas Chinese and Jewish people? First we are self-reliant. We are all very hard working. The third is that, we value education, education, education and education. 海外华裔和犹太裔共同点是什么呢?首先,自力更生。其次,工作很努力。第三,对教育都无比重视。
City's Tallest Building Master Planner - Gu Jian Ping 城市最高摩天楼筑梦者-顾建平 China is not all countryside, neither is all metropolis like Shanghai, this is balance. 中国不可能全部都是农村,中国也不可能全部都是上海,这就是平衡。
Essentialism - Calvin Tsao 精粹主义 - 曹慰祖 We have to understand the ‘we’ in the ‘I,’ so we can be a better ‘I’ to the ‘we.’ 我们要从小我当中看到大我,才能成就对集体有意义的个体。
Body Conscious - Sun Li Tsuei 身体文化 - 孙丽翠 How we connect with ourselves, our mind and our physical body is through breezing. If we start to observe, be aware and be conscious, and then we will be much unified in the integrity. 我们该如何做到身心合一呢?通过呼吸。我们若开始观察,留意,那便更易达到天人合一的境界。
One Human Race - Gábor 同一蓝天下 I'm not poor, I just walk through life with a light backpack, so that things do not steal my freedom. 我不贫穷,我只是提着很轻的行囊上路,这样我的自由就不被局限。
Balance - Chris Chang 平衡 - 张文轩 No matter how success I am at work, when I'm back home, I'm just a mother. I try to keep close contact with my family even during the busiest time, because that will bring me a sense of balance. 不论我的事业多么成功,而回到了家我只是一个妈妈。在我最忙的时候仍然跟家人保持紧密的联系,是家庭帮我从极度繁忙的事业中找到了平衡。
Detroit: Future of Work - Nina Bianchi 底特律:未来的工作 Future of work is reinventing the places where things are made through co-design. 未来的工作方式正在重塑由协同设计所构筑的领域。
A Beginner's Guide to Peking Opera - Guan Dong Tian 京剧欣赏入门 - 关栋天 All you need to know the idea behind peking opera, is the idea, the body language. 来源于生活,提炼于生活的富有艺术美感的肢体语言。
Wild Life - Three Stories in My Life - Zhang Huan 野生命——我的三个故事 - 张洹 Many people ask me that what my biggest takeaways is after so many years in New York. I say, I finally understood, I am a Chinese. 很多人问我,你在纽约待那么长时间,最大的收获是什么?我说,我终于明白,我懂得了自己是一个中国人。
Paradigm Shift in Human Habitats - Daniel Zhang 人类栖息地的模式转变 - 张贤铭 Future of work is reinventing the places where things are made through co-design. 未来的工作方式正在重塑由协同设计所构筑的领域。
Architects of Destiny - David Nieh 知天命的建筑师 - 聂耀中 We are all architects of our own destiny. 我们是自己命运的建筑师。
Balance Permeates Everything - Patricia Field 平衡无处不在 You don’t have to have a degree in fashion to find the way you like to present yourself. 人人都能发现自己的时尚语汇,这不需要大学文凭。
Technology is a part of human nature - Cesar Jung-Harada 技术是人性的组成部分 How can we democratize the means of invention so that we can all contribute the nature and to each other. 我们如何将发明创新的方式公平化,从而能使自然和他人受益。
3 Ways to Renew Your Spirit with Music - Dana Leong 用音乐恢复元气的三种方式 A musical prayer is the best way to start the day. 每天最好的开启方式是进行一场音乐朝拜。
3 Strings and the Truth - Magda Sayeg 针织的真相 Art doesn’t have to last forever. As long as it touches one person, it makes it completely worth it. 不是所有的艺术都要世代流传,只要它能打动人心,就有价值存在。
The Metaphor of BALANCE - Datuk Ramli Ibrahim 平衡的象征 This is the wonderful thing about traditional mythic thoughts. It is able to transcend some of the ideas that cannot be expressed through science. 这便是古老神话的美妙之处:它能超越某些科学无法解释的理念。
Balance - My Life as a Ballerina - Tan Yuan Yuan 我的芭蕾人生 - 谭元元 It takes so much dedication to this fine art. I work very hard every day because I will always want to try my best and do my best to fulfill the feelings beyond the stage. With achievement there is always sacrifise, and I sacrificed my life. All my life is on stage, but I enjoy each moment. As long as I’m happy on stage, as long as the audience still loves me, I will keep dancing until I decide. I just want fate to take me wherever I can go. 这门优雅的艺术需要惊人的付出。每一天的竭尽全力,只为要呈现出最佳的一面,以此超越舞台上的自己。成就伴随而来的也有牺牲,我牺牲了个人生活。舞台意味着我的整个生活,我享受着其中每一刻。只要在舞台上还是快乐着的,观众们依然倾心于我,我就会继续在舞台上活跃着。让命运指引着我的路。
Burning Man: Lessons in Community Architecture 火人节:社区建筑的经验之谈 Everybody who comes to burning man, finds a different version of themselves that takes being exposed to the elements to reveal. 每一个来到火人节的人,都在其环境的熏陶中,逐渐发现了不同的自己。