Theme : BALANCE We live in a great time of dualities: digital and handmade, science and art, artificial intelligence and humanism, rural and urban, haves and have-nots, basic and abstract, internal and external, east and west, past and future. Openness and mindfulness is needed now more than ever to bring both sides of the equation together rather than choosing one over the other. This year TEDxShanghai will show the poetic Balance between these interconnected opposites, creating and fostering long-lasting collaborative conversations. 主题 : 平衡 我们生活在一个充斥着对立和矛盾的时代:数字化与手工制,科学与艺术,人工智能与人文精神,农村与城市,富裕与贫穷,基本与抽象,内部与外部,东方与西方,过去与未来。我们比以往更需要开放的心态,使这些看似对立的元素得到制衡,而不是简单地两者择其一。今年TEDx上海将呈现出这些息息相关的对立元素所产生的富有诗意的平衡,建立一种长效的协作式对话机制。